Class 3 NFA

Consumer Class 3 NFA

At RMW, we hold a Class 2 NFA Manufactures License. This not only allows us to sell Class 3 NFA items, it allows us to Custom Build Registered SBR’s (Short Barreled Rifles/Shotguns) and Suppressors. We also process all Class 3 NFA transfers and Weapon Registrations. We are an Auth. Dealer for many popular Suppressor and SBR’ Manufactures.  So whether you are interested in a Custom Class 3 NFA item or one from our many Suppliers, we have you covered. Form 4 transfers conducted at $75 (without purchase).

Law Enforcement and Federal Agencies Class 3 NFA

RMW offers Law Enforcement and Federal Agencies complete Select Fire Services. From conversions that offer functionality and reliability to Select Fire Weapon repairs, we are Teller County’s only Class 2 NFA Manufacturer.  Our weapons are tested and perfected to withstand the demands of any environment or situation Law Enforcement Agencies may face on a daily basis. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a departmental demo.

Class 3 NFA Purchase Information

The state of Colorado allows its residents to purchase and own any Class 3 NFA item. All Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles/Shotguns, and Pre-ban Select Fire Weapons are transferable. To either purchase or transfer a Class 3 NFA item, you must do the following.

1 – Notify your local Law Enforcement Agency (unless item is being transferred to a living trust)

2 – Complete the Special Tax Stamp Form

3 – Make a check payable to BATF in the amount of $200.00

4 – Submit all forms and payment to the BATF

5 – Wait for your Federal Background Check (approx. 6 months)

RMW will assist you in every step of this process.

Once the process is completed and you are approved, there are no additional fees or restrictions going forward. Although you must notify the BATF when you move or transport a Class 3 NFA Item across State Lines.

All Class 3 NFA items purchased through RMW must be paid in full before the above Special Tax Stamp process is started.

Being in possession of a Class 3 NFA Weapon or Part is a Federal Crime unless you follow the above steps and are approved.









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