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Rocky Mountain Weaponry LLC is the Premier DuraCoat / CeraKote Finisher in Colorado. Our finishes are second to none. We are Camouflage Experts and can create a camo pattern and color palate for any environment or customer desire. We also offer Custom DuraCoat Pinstriping and Lettering as well as Gold Leaf Application. We do not cut corners or take short cuts on your weapon. Many refinishers skip important steps or take shortcuts hoping that after the weapon is coated the customer will not know. At RMW every weapon is finished with the Highest Level of Pride and if it is not perfect, it does not leave our shop. Our finishes come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


 How durable is DuraCoat / CeraKote?

DuraCoat and CeraKote is permanent. With normal use, a firearm finished with DuraCoat and CeraKote will last several lifetimes.

What is DuraCoat?

DuraCoat is a two part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat was created specifically for firearms. Other firearm finishes are “spin-off’s” from other industries.

What is the difference between DuraCoat and CeraKote?

CeraKote is a ceramic based product; DuraCoat is a chemical based product. Cerakote requires oven curing at high temperatures; DuraCoat does not. If a Cerakoted weapon becomes scratched or damaged all of the finish must be stripped and then refinished; a DuraCoated weapon does not. We cannot offer our touch up services on CeraKote finishes as we do with our DuraCoat finishes.

Will DuraCoat / CeraKote adhere to hard coat anodizing and Parkerizing?

DuraCoat loves hard coat anodizing and Parkerizing as a base. Both processes leave a good rooting surface for DuraCoat. DuraCoat adheres very well to stainless steel as well. Any Blued weapon must be stripped, media blasted, and then parkerized before we can apply a DuraCoat Finish.

CeraKote adheres best to raw media blasted metals.

Can DuraCoat / CeraKote be applied to wood?

Yes, we can apply DuraCoat and CeraKote to any wood furniture or stock. We strip, sand, repair damage, and then reseal the wood before we apply the finish. We specialize in breathing new life into old, tired, and worn out weapons. We can leave the wood checkering or glass over them.

Can DuraCoat / CeraKote be applied to Plastics and Polymers?

Yes, DuraCoat and CeraKote adhere very well to Plastics and Polymers after we etch the surface with media blasting at low pressures.

Can you add texture to DuraCoat / CeraKote?

Yes, we use an innovative process of suspending rubberized particles of sand into the DuraCoat or CeraKote finish which becomes integral with the finish, for a long lasting non-slip finish.

When is DuraCoat / CeraKote fully cured?

DuraCoat is dry to the touch in 20 minutes, can be handled in 1 hour and is ready for use overnight. Although DuraCoat will gain most of its final hardness, elasticity and chemical resistance over a 2-3 week period, time will continue to enhance DuraCoat’s characteristics over a lifetime. DuraCoat, like fine wine, gets better with age. As we say, “DuraCoat wears in, not out.” Although DuraCoat does not require Oven Curing, we oven cure all our finishes overnight in our cure oven to speed up this cure time. This allows us to assemble the weapon at a partially cured juncture and allows our customers to utilize their newly finished weapon sooner without worry.

CeraKote is fully cured after the initial oven baking/cure process.

Can my DuraCoat / CeraKote Finish be repaired should damage or a scratch occur?

Yes, we offer all of our customers repair services at a minimal cost on our DuraCoat Applications. Accidents happen…… and we make them vanish…..

CeraKote however, can not be spot repaired or touched up. We must strip the weapon and then refinish it.

Will DuraCoat / CeraKote burn off my barrel?

DuraCoat and CeraKote can withstand temperatures as high has 500-600 degrees F. With “normal” shooting, your barrel will never get close to being that hot. If you are fortunate enough to own a transferable machine gun, or if you like to “blaze” with your semi-auto, we do not suggest DuraCoat on your barrel, as your barrel temperature will rise to over 1,000 degrees F. In those cases we use DuraHeat or CeraKote C-Series. The DuraHeat and C-Series coatings can handle temperatures up to 1,800 degrees F.

Which is more durable, DuraCoat or CeraKote?

Both DuraCoat and CeraKote are extremely durable. The advantage of DuraCoat is it does not have to be baked and is available in an incredible number of colors. DuraCoat is chemically base and has a high elasticity value. DuraCoat is highly resistant to impact damage. CeraKote is ceramic based. Ceramic being intrinsically hard, is highly resistant to wear damage. CeraKote is susceptible to impact damage. Both finishes are Fantastic, but have polar opposite physical properties. The end use must be considered in your choice. If it is a slide on a hand gun that is holstered, CeraKote is the appropriate finish, due to it wear resistant properties. If its a hunting rifle that get banged around and sees some abuse, DuraCoat is the appropriate finish. We can consult you on which finish is best for your application.

How come other firearm finish manufacturers boast hardness, but make no mention of elasticity?

In the case of firearm finishes, a common misconception is “harder is better”. This is faulty “old school thinking”. Hardness means brittle and brittle means chipping. DuraCoat, being elastic, will not chip. Elasticity provides protection by “giving” when confronted with impact. Elasticity also helps prevent scratches and mars.

What is the turnaround time if I send a firearm to RMW to be refinished?

Generally the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. At times, we get extremely busy and that time may get extended. When this happens, we notify our customers.

What is the typical process in refinishing a weapon?

Step1 – First we clean any weapon that comes to us and then we degrease it with TruStrip.


Step 2 – If the weapon needs media blasting we use 120 grit Alum Oxide. If your weapon is parkerized or stainless we skip to step 4.



Step 3 – We parkerize all non-parkerized or stainless steel components.



Step 4 – We apply DuraCoat / CeraKote in our dust free spray booth.



Step 5 – We oven cure the DuraCoated / CeraKoted items in our specifically designed temperature controlled cure oven overnight.



Step 6 – We either assemble the Weapon or Parts are ready for pick up or shipment.










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