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Rocky Mountain Weaponry LLC is the leader in Glock and Springfield XD innovations in Colorado. RMW is a Certified Glock Armory. Fit, Form, Function and Reliability are second to none on all RMW Customized Glocks and XD’s. The innovative Glock pistol revolutionized the handgun industry. Now available in numerous models, configurations and calibers, there is a Glock model for any shooter or job demand. RMW takes the Glock and Improves On Perfection by applying our unique process of reducing the grip size on the pistol to suit each shooter’s individual hands. No longer is the shooter with small/large hands or of smaller/larger stature stuck with the standard Glock or XD grip. RMW offers a number of choices in practical grip modifications, front cocking serrations, trigger work and complete refinishing for all Glock and XD models. As well as any Polymer Framed Weapon.



Ergo Grip Reduction

RMW’s complete Ergo package is our most popular option, but you may choose one or any combination to suit your needs. This greatly improves the Fit, Form and Function of the Glock . We remove material from the backstrap, frontstrap and box edge along both sides of the frontstrap. Removing material from between the finger grooves, or removing the finger grooves entirely. This transforms the Glock from brick to form fitting. In our High Grip Modification, we remove material from the bottom of the trigger guard at the point where it joins the frontstrap. This allows you to get you hand up slightly higher on the grip, lowering the bore of the pistol for reduced recoil while offering improved control. We remove the front trigger guard shelf, making it more comfortable and reachable for smaller hands. These same techniques may be utilized on any Polymer Frame Handgun, not only the Glock.


XD 45 Grip Mod

Springfield XD Ergo Grip Reduction


 Ergo Grip Reduction 


Gen. 1 Style Frontstrap Modification

(removal of finger grooves)



Ergo Grip Enhancement

For our customers with larger hands, we offer our innovative Ergo Grip Enhancement option. We are able to build out on the existing polymer frame, increasing the diameter of the grip. This option is custom fitted to your hand. We can also fabricate finger grooves into the frontstrap should you desire them. The materials used to build out the grip do not render to a stippled finish. At this time our Soft Sand Texture is the only option available for the Ergo Grip Enhancement Option.


                        XDm Ergo Grip                                  XDm Ergo Grip Finger

                         Enhancement                                      Groove Fabrication


     XDm Soft Sand                            XDm Width                       XDm Backstrap

           Finish                                       Enhancement                      Enhancemant



1911 Style Ergo Grip Modification

For those of our customers that love the idea of owning a Glock or any polymer weapon for that matter, but can’t get past the Grip Size, Angle and Palm Swell, preferring the angles and feel of the 1911. We have our 1911 Style Ergo Grip Modification Option. This option includes all we offer in the standard Ergo Grip Modification, but we also remove the front finger grooves and rear palm swell. Giving you a straight frontstrap and backstrap just like your beloved 1911. With this option our Soft Sand Treatment is the only textured finish available at this time.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Beaver Tail Fabrication

Looking to eliminate slide bite? We offer a Beaver Tail Fabrication option. This can be fabricated onto any polymer weapon frame. We can also fabricate thumb shelves for either right handed or left handed shooters.



Grip Texture

Once we do an Ergo Grip Reduction the frame must be refinished. We offer three different Stipple choices, Smooth DuraCoat or our Innovative Soft Sand Treatment. Our Soft Sand Treatment is a DuraCoat Finish with rubberized sand particles suspended in it and sprayed onto the frame. Our Textures may be applied to the complete frame or only portions and our Ergo Grip Reduction is not required. We can texture Stock Glock frames as well.




Slide Milling

The Glock slide does not offer forward cocking serrations. We now offer you the choice. We will add forward serrations that match the size and angle of the rear serrations on your Glock slide, essential for safe press checking of the chamber. As demonstrated on our 50GI Conversion slide, there are many options to lighten the slide with milling.


Milling of slide

Additional Options

We offer numerous additional options for your Glock. Triggers can be worked in many different configurations from Competition 2.5lbs with over-travel adjustment to a carry 5.5lb with a constant pull utilizing the NY trigger spring. Our Magazine Release Modification enlarges and extends the Release on Gen. 1 to 3 models increasing functionality. The stock Glock sights are lacking, nights sights are the first upgrade we suggest to our customers. We offer drop in as well as fitted aftermarket barrels. Aftermarket products are plentiful on the market but we only install products that are proven functional and reliable.


Contact us for quotes, questions or suggestions on your firearm. Keep in mind that we do not only work on Glock Firearms. We can apply many of the above options on the Smith & Wesson M&P, Springfield XD series, or any Polymer Frame Firearm.






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